All Wound Up

Train Guy made this yarn swift for me after he’d known me in person for all of 7 days. He didn’t even know what a yarn swift was, let alone ever seen one. I briefly described it to him ONCE, as part of a conversation we were having about our crafty hobbies. A few nights later he come over with THIS. That’s why I kept him. And why I don’t mind so much when he does this.

Train Guy made this… after we’d know each other 7 days

Snow Day

New England Nor’Easter Part III is still going on. On that note, I feel like sharing another BizToons Throwback… snow day at the office! This was a lot funnier in 2001 (I can’t believe I wrote this 17 years ago!)… back when eToys was a recent”thing” and was also on the cusp of bellying up.

Nor’Easter #3

As we here in New England are prepping for our 3rd “nor’easter” in 2 weeks, I thought this BizToons throw-back seemed apropos.

A BizToons Throwback

This actually happened to me. I once got in trouble for letting my team go home early. Everyone was glued to the windows and completely distracted by talk of “how much snow are we going to get” and “will I get to my kid’s daycare pickup on time”, etc. etc. etc. No one was getting any work done anyway and it seemed the safer thing to do. Still, I was reprimanded the next day.

By the Yard gets some love from Worcester Telegram & Gazette

By the Yard is profiled in the February 14, 2018 issue of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette

By the Yard received some Valentine’s love from the Worcester Telegram and Gazette in the February 14th, 2018 issue. The full article is here. Special thanks to my friend and fellow cartoonist Brian Nelson for introducing us! You can read Brian’s delightful cartoon Laurel every Sunday in the Living/Homes section of the Sunday Telegram and online at

Laurel by Brian Nelson

Moving Day

This is pretty much what happened on Moving Day. Train Guy was feeling pretty judgmental about it until they went to HIS house… and all the boxes were marked “TRAINS”.